Dare & face the truth with Us

about Truth and Hair

Upgrade to professional hair care for all hair types

Welcome to the pinnacle of hair care—an exclusive range designed to transform your locks from the inside out. Upgrade your hair care routine to a professional level with our premium hair care range that will protect, balance and improve your overall hair and scalp health.

Texture based solutions

At Truth & Hair, solutions are curated for your individuality. We've poured our hearts and expertise into crafting a range that isn't just about 'fixing' visible symptoms but nurturing your hair's unique needs. We're not here to promise miracles; we deliver real outcomes.

Skinification of Hair

Healthy hair starts at the roots - your scalp Scalp health is at the core of our philosophy, that's why we handpicked special ingredients for different scalp ages. Unlike others, we don’t compromise your scalp for instant kick to your strands. After all, the length & strength of anything good is built on strong foundations.

Nutrition with ingestibles

At Truth & Hair, we're redefining the boundaries of hair care. It's not merely about external treatments; it's about a complete wellness journey. Our upcoming range of nutrition supplements provides the much-needed internal nutrition for your hair health.

The medicine of joy

In a world fixated on appearances, we recognize that true beauty radiates from within. The single most common factor for poor TRESS is STRESS. With our Truth & Dare cards, we're cheering for goodness and self-improvement. Each product isn't just a purchase; it's an invitation to feel good about yourself.

Pushing for self-love with our branding


At Truth & Hair, we understand the impact of stress on your locks. That's why we're flipping the script by encouraging you to feel amazing & not driving Fear! Every Truth & Hair product comes with a surprise—a TRUTH and DARE magnet. The Truth is your daily boost, a reminder to keep inspiring yourself, to feel motivated.


The Dare is a call to action for spreading kindness and making a positive impact. These Dares aren't just challenges; they're invitations to create moments of goodness, whether for yourself or others. Take on these small acts and let ripples of positivity unfold. Join us in making the world a better place—one small, kind act at a time.

The team behind it

Meet the incredible minds shaping Truth & Hair- our team isn't just passionate about hair care—for us its, devotion! We're a diverse bunch united by one goal: to redefine how you look at hair care. Join us in discovering this beautiful connection between self-care, positivity, and nurturing your hair inside out!

Saumya Alagh

Cofounder & CEO

Shailesh Singh

Cofounder & CBO

Shalza Rohilla

Founding Member & Head Operational

Bhumika Pandey

Founding Member & Head of Marketing