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What makes Truth and Hair different from other hair care products in India?
Truth and Hair's distinction lies in tailored products for your INDIVIDUALITY, championing scalp health and balancing natural ingredients. We have different hair types for straight, wavy and curly hair types.
What are the key natural ingredients used in Truth and Hair shampoos?
Truth and Hair uses sulphate-free, paraben-free, silicone-free formulations with scalp-nourishing ingredients. Know more about the ingredients inside your favourite Truth & Hair product here
Is Your Shampoo Sulphate Free?
Yes, our shampoo is sulphate-free, providing a gentle yet effective cleanse without stripping the natural oils.
How often can I use your shampoo & conditioner?
We recommend washing and conditioning twice a week and oiling once a week
Are your products suitable for all hair types?
Yes, our range of products cater to your unique hair type. No more confusion about what's right for your hair type.It is straightforward: straight, wavy, curly—just pick the bottle that matches your unique hair type.
Are your products suitable for coloured hair?
Yes, all our products are free from harmful chemicals and alcohols, so they are completely colour safe.
Are your products cruelty free?
Yes, they are.
Can I use your product if I have a sensitive scalp?
Absolutely, our formulations are dermatologically tested, made with natural ingredients, free from harmful alcohols and chemicals, and are irritant free. We recommend you to check the ingredient list if you are allergic to any ingredient, if facing any skin allergies or scalp issues, please check with your dermatologist
Can I use the conditioner as a leave-in treatment?
Absolutely, it is a two-in one product that can be used as a conditioner or a leave-in treatment.
What is 'skinification' in hair care?
'Skinification' in hair care focuses on scalp health, avoiding hair problem symptoms by nurturing the scalp. At Truth and Hair we focus on scalp-friendly products to address concerns at the root—literally. This transformative approach guides our products to achieve scalp balance and nourishment for healthier, resilient hair
How can I take care of my hair effectively?
Understanding your scalp and hair type is vital. Establish a consistent routine prioritizing scalp health and overall well-being. Remember, that having a balanced diet, staying hydrated and managing stress levels, along with the right products will contribute to healthier, more radiant hair from the roots!
How to maintain healthy hair at home?
Consistently cleanse and condition using gentle, scalp-friendly products. Integrate a hair mask or a deep conditioner twice a month to provide deep nourishment and maintain healthy, vibrant hair.
What products are recommended for daily hair care?
Opt for gentle yet effective shampoos and conditioners suited to your scalp and hair type.
Can men use conditioner every time after shampooing too?
Absolutely! Using conditioner after every shampoo is beneficial for both men and women. Conditioners help restore moisture and nourishment, maintaining the hair's health and softness.
Where can I find the Return Policy?
Click here to view our shipping, cancellation and return policy
What are the different modes of making a payment when buying from Truth & Hair?
You can pay using varied online payment methods (Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking etc) or Select the option for Cash on Delivery (COD). COD charges will be applicable
Is there a charge for the Shipping?
We ship orders for FREE for purchases above ₹799 and we charge a nominal fee of ₹50 for orders below ₹799
How long does it take for the order to get delivered?
For shipping within India, delivery takes 3 to 5 Working days from the date of placing the order.
How can I get a FREE product playing the truth & dare sent with my order?
For Every Truth & Hair product you order, you get a TRUTH and a DARE. The Truth is yours to keep, while the Dare encourages small acts of kindness. Complete 10 dares, capture photos of each with the respective dare magnet, share your contact details, and upon verification, receive a free product from us!
Where is Truth and Hair headquartered? Are there physical stores available?
Based in Gurgaon, Truth and Hair operates online, delivering our products directly to your doorstep. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming product launches and exclusive events designed to engage and educate our community.